MoMA : 'Healing the City'

Feeling deeply grateful for Cooper Union's historic return to the MoMA with Barry Bergdoll yesterday for "Open City: Existential Urbanity" by Diane Lewis (day 2) celebration of the publication and for being part of the "Cities of Catastrophe" panel I taught with the incredibly supportive Daniel Sherer (also the moderator) within a span of eight, out of ten years of teaching this subject at The Cooper Union + Dean Nader Tehrani, P. Scott Cohen, Mac Scogin, Pablo Lorenzo Eroia, + studio alumni. Thrilled to talk about 'Healing the City' essay contribution to this studio chapter. A heartfelt thank you to Diane Lewis, Belen Moneo, Pippo Ciorra and Scott Cohen! 

BRILLIANT panel discussions all around!

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 Photo courtesy of Alessandro Melis.

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Nov. 19, 2015

"To the Miracle of Mersiha - YOU're deeply in this book."

Diane Lewis

"Open City: Existential Urbanity" Event



Open City: Existential Urbanity Symposium

Hello friends, in case some of you might be able to come, I'll be MODERATING the 'DOMUS/LOCUS (2006)' Studio I taught during my many years as faculty at the fourth year Architecture of the City Studios at The Cooper Union with Diane Lewis & the remaining incredibly dedicated fourth year faculty, this Friday (12:30-1:30PM). Panel includes MICHAEL WEBB, MERRILL ELAM, JONATHAN KIRSCHENFELD, FRED BIEHLE and the super talented alumni of this studio scheduled to take place this Friday at the New Museum.

Additionally, I'll be a (faculty) panelist at the MoMA the following day moderated by my dear colleague Daniel Sherer for 'CITIES OF CATASTROPHE: FROM ATLANTIS TO NEW ORLEANS (2007)' Studio & reading a passage from the essay I wrote for the OPEN CITY:EXISTENTIAL URBANITY publication titled "HEALING THE CITY" describing Mostar while witnessing (as well surviving) over 20 years after the act.

This panel will also include Dean NADER TEHRANI, MACK SCOGIN, P. SCOTT COHEN and more incredible alumni of the studio I very much look forward to seeing again!

Flowers and Finals

So very proud of my first year Architectonics students as the studio lead at the Cooper Union! And thankful for these surprise flowers! End of Final review, May 4th 2014 / close to midnight, after 26 individual reviews in one day! Thank YOU. #‎architecturecanheal‬ #elements

"I just finished partaking in an 12 HOUR critique of first year architecture students at Cooper Union. I am awestruck by their brilliance and industriousness. There is no other academy like this one. Thank you @mersihaveledar for asking me to be one of the critics and for leading these students through such profound investigations. " Adam Whitney Nichols, Founder of Fortnight Journal

Elements, 2014 Midterm