Open City: Existential Urbanity Symposium

Hello friends, in case some of you might be able to come, I'll be MODERATING the 'DOMUS/LOCUS (2006)' Studio I taught during my many years as faculty at the fourth year Architecture of the City Studios at The Cooper Union with Diane Lewis & the remaining incredibly dedicated fourth year faculty, this Friday (12:30-1:30PM). Panel includes MICHAEL WEBB, MERRILL ELAM, JONATHAN KIRSCHENFELD, FRED BIEHLE and the super talented alumni of this studio scheduled to take place this Friday at the New Museum.

Additionally, I'll be a (faculty) panelist at the MoMA the following day moderated by my dear colleague Daniel Sherer for 'CITIES OF CATASTROPHE: FROM ATLANTIS TO NEW ORLEANS (2007)' Studio & reading a passage from the essay I wrote for the OPEN CITY:EXISTENTIAL URBANITY publication titled "HEALING THE CITY" describing Mostar while witnessing (as well surviving) over 20 years after the act.

This panel will also include Dean NADER TEHRANI, MACK SCOGIN, P. SCOTT COHEN and more incredible alumni of the studio I very much look forward to seeing again!